For UK Memberships; when you choose this option, after filling out your details, and choosing a login password, you will be taken to our payment website GoCardless where you will sign up for a direct debit mandate. Once you have done this, you will receive an email from them with details of the mandate. This will be dated for the next year. We then check your membership details, take a payment using GoCardless for this year, and authorise your online account. Please note, that due to remote working at the Association of Anaesthetists, this process may take a number of days. Only then will you receive an email from RA-UK with details of your account, and a further email when your online login has been authorised. If you have received your GoCardless email, you do not need to contact us to check if your application is OK. If you are applying for the ASM, you dont need to wait for your membership approval email, go ahead and book, and we will double check your membership and contact you if theres any issue.


For Joint ESRA Memberships; RA-UK will contact ESRA on your behalf and setup your ESRA membership. We are currently expediting this process as people are joining to attend the e-day. For any queries on this, please contact the membership department directly.


For International Memberships; unless you hold a UK bank account, it is usually difficult to setup a payment using GoCardless, so please use the option to pay via Paypal (you dont need a paypal account, as long as you have a credit card, for countries where paypal is not allowed, please contact the society directly). With this method, your account will be activated immediately. Please contact us if you dont receive an activation email. 

For any other queries about online membership, please raise a support ticket.